The Importance of Insurance for Nannies

The Importance of Insurance for Nannies

The majority of nannies in the UK are employees of the parents they work for. This is because employee status is established by meeting a set of legal criteria such as working regularly and exclusively for a particular person, family or organisation. Even if you have been told you are self-employed or a contractor, you may not be, unless you are working for multiple families or are directly employed by an agency.

As an employee you are entitled to certain legal rights and protections such as holiday and sick pay, a pension and the right not to be unfairly dismissed. Likewise the parents who employ you also have to comply with certain legal obligations. One of these is to take out Employer’s Liability Insurance (ELI). This protects you if you become ill or injured at work and need to claim compensation. If your employers do not obtain ELI and you are not a close family member, they are breaking the law and potentially putting you at risk.

Employers are obliged to make their ELI certificate available for you to see. If they have not done so, they might not have an insurance policy at all. In some cases parents are not aware of their obligations, or sometimes even that they are seen as employers in the eyes of the law. Getting insured though is easy. Morton Michel offers a standalone Employer’s Liability policy that is ideal for parents employing nannies. Visit for more details.

If you have not already, you should seriously consider taking out an insurance policy yourself too. Incidents and accidents can happen at any time. Morton Michel’s Public Liability insurance protects you against claims by third parties, while its Legal Expenses insurance ensures that you have access to legal advice and representation should you need it, including employment disputes. Not only that but being insured by a reputable company, such as childcare insurance specialist Morton Michel, is often taken to be the mark of a professional, proof that you take your responsibilities seriously.

To add to this, Morton Michel have teamed up with flick learning to bring their childcare insurance policyholders a range of FREE RoSPA-accredited, CPD-certified online training courses. So if you take out an insurance policy with them, you are entitled to more than 35 training courses saving you over £350! Morton Michel also offers a wide range of benefits and discounts exclusive to policyholders via their ChildCare Club.

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