Trouble Shooters

Our Trouble Shooters will either be qualified or have exceptional experience in this field. They are there to provide immediate short term assistance with a number of issues, out trouble shooters can work alongside parents and existing nannies.

• They normally work 1-5 days
• They will give encouragement and help you tackle your specific issues
• Potty Training
• Positive behavior implementation
• How to get siblings to adjust to new additions
• Anxiety related issues
• Fussy eaters

Our Trouble Shooters work either daily or live in and can travel overseas to our international clients.

Salary guideline:

£15.00-£25.00 Per hour

Contact us for daily rates

Salary will depend on experience and continuous professional development.

Trouble Shooters are self employed.

Our Trouble Shooters go through our stringent interview process and are interviewed personally by a member of our team, their ID and qualifications checked.