Nannytax- What you need to know

Found a Nanny? It’s not over yet…

Once you have been matched up with your perfect nanny, there are a few tasks that you need to undertake or outsource before you can relax and enjoy the domestic serenity.

  • You must implement proper payroll, paying tax and National Insurance Contributions, and providing your nanny with regular payslips.
  • You must by law hold Employers Liability Insurance.
  • You may have to set up a workplace pension for your nanny.

Don’t worry – you’re nearly there! Nannytax is your one-stop shop for all this and more.

Nannytax Payroll

The standard Nannytax payroll service includes setting you up as an employer with HMRC, dealing with all HMRC correspondence and administration, providing payslips on a weekly or monthly basis as required and providing a quarterly summary of tax and National Insurance Contributions due and instructions on when and how to pay.

It also provides you with a Contract of Employment and access to Nannytax Legal, a team of lawyers who specialise in employment law.

Subscribing to Nannytax couldn’t be easier by phone or online –

Nannytax Payroll Plus

If you upgrade to Nannytax Payroll Plus the service also includes paying your nanny and paying your HMRC liabilities (tax and National Insurance Contributions) on your behalf. You will not have to lift a finger from one year to the next.

Employers Liability Insurance

Nannytax works with Fish Insurance to offer Enable Insurance Services, an Employers Liability Insurance policy design specifically for nanny employers.

The Enable Insurance policy provides all you need for peace of mind and to be legally compliant:

  • A £10M Limit of indemnity, to cover damages and/or claimant’s costs
  • Cover for up to 5 employees if you decide to take on an additional nanny or nannies
  • Cover if your nanny are temporarily travelling with you overseas
  • Additional Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity of £5M

You can take out your Employers Liability when subscribing to Nannytax Payroll or Payroll Plus, or just take out the insurance without the the payroll – it’s up to you.

Workplace Pensions

You may have seen the hairy, purple workplace pensions fellow on TV. That’s the government dropping you a hint! Workplace pensions – also known as automatic enrolment pensions – are now a legal requirement. If your nanny is aged between 22 and the state pension age and earning over £10,000 a year you are obliged to automatically enroll her into a pension scheme and contribute to it.

If your nanny does not want a pension she may choose to opt out, but you may not bring any pressure to bear on her in making this decision, and you must enroll her in the first place whether she likes it or not.

Nannytax can help you with this by telling you when you have to set up the workplace pension and offering to do it for you through their Enable Autoenrol service. Nothing could be easier.

Contact Nannytax

So contact Nannytax to discuss their services and have all your employer responsibilities taken care of in one place. Tel: 020 3137 4401  |

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