Nannytax- Nannyshare Information

Nannytax has specialist consultants who can offer advice and support in payroll for Nannyshares, including how to go about a ‘Tax code split’. The Nannytax service also includes employment law support to help you with Nannyshare agreements and the Contract of Employment.

Nannytax advise the key to a great nannyshare is communication and recommend that all parties involved keep in regular contact – perhaps with fortnightly or monthly meeting to iron out any issues that may arise.

These are Nannytax’s top tips for a successful nannyshare:

  • Agree a gross wage

Nannytax always recommend that a gross wage is agreed rather than a net salary. More information on the importance of agreeing a gross wage can be found on the Nannytax: Gross Vs Net (

  • Get a contract in place

Each family should have a separate contract with the nanny so that they can continue the relationship should the other family leave the nannyshare. Find more information on Contracts of Employment on the Nannytax website (

  • Discuss holidays in advance

Discuss holiday arrangements with the other family and the nanny — a common solution is for each family to decide on one week and the nanny to decide on two weeks. It is a good idea to agree this in advance, especially in a nannyshare situation where arranging holiday entitlement that works for all parties can be slightly more complicated.

  • Set out rules and standards

If the children of two or more families are being cared for at the same time, rules and standards will have to be agreed between the families and the nanny up front. It is worth having a seperate written agreement and Nannytax can help with this as well. For further details on this you can contact the Nannytax team on 020 3137 4401 or by emailing or find more information visit:



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