Half Term Hell or Half term Happiness?

For most of our Nannies, this week was half term. A big question on our minds was it “Half Term Hell or Half Term Happiness?” Did you plan your week with military precision or did you go with the flow? When I was a Nanny I had lists upon lists of what I would do with my charges, from Arts & Crafts to Days out- all planned weeks in advance.
I know many Nannies who just take it as it comes, wait to see what the weather is like or hop on a bus and see where it goes- nothing at all wrong with that but I live by the message below.
After the Half Term, you might notice school resistance next week- what can you do?
*Talk to your children about what is happening; make it fun to count down the days until they see their friends again.
*Organise a mid week treat, perhaps a trip to their favourite soft play or library.
*Try to stick to the bedtime routine as much as possible during Half Term.

What things have caught our eye this week?
Got a Gruffalo Fan? The Gruffalo ride is coming to Chessington this year https://www.chessington.com/

Childcare Expo

Want some inspiration? Grab a free Ticket to The Childcare Expo http://www.childcareexpo.co.uk/ on March 3/4th at Olympia. They are launching the brand new Nanny Zone this year

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