Exceptional Childcare

With over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best childcare solution

Dedicated to Excellence

Our dedicated team of professionals ensure you get the best person for the job.

Our dedicated team of professionals ensure you get the best person for the job.

Dedicated to Excellence

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Nannies in London

Nannies Plus Us are comprehensive childcare providers.

We provide London, UK and International:

Nannies, Mothers Helps and Nanny-Housekeepers

Maternity Nurses, Night Nannies and Trouble Shooters

Governesses, Mannies and Tutors

Emergency Childcare 365 days per year

Babysitters, after school care, Party Nannies and much more

Parent’s advice and Childcare Training in the UK and Overseas

We pride ourselves that we are recommended by parents and loved by children
We understand and value the importance of finding the right childcare for you and your family, and Nannies Plus Us are there to guide you through every step of the way of making the all important decision.
• We are a family run business, established for over 20 years
• We provide a personal and professional service
• We handpick and personally interview all our staff
• We follow a stringent nanny selection process
• We send you CV’s to match your needs
• We support you throughout the recruitment process
• We are happy and able to advise you on terms and contracts
• We provide ongoing support throughout the placement
• We treat all our clients as individuals, whatever your situation
• We find nannies who will fit in with your families life
• Members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation
• Competitive rates with quality staff

Please call us on 0208 444 4304 to talk to one of our team or fill in our online registration form to begin the process immediately.

Emergency Childcare

If you need emergency child care please call us on

0203 150 1950

Judith Wayne, the Founder of Nannies Plus Us & North London Nannies

"As a parent I needed to know my children were being left with someone I could trust and rely on, and this has been the case for all of my children (there are now six of them). My goal was to provide carefully vetted workers that have been vigilantly checked and personally interviewed by a member of my team."

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Nannies Plus Us are dedicated to providing exceptional childcare across London, the UK and Overseas